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Blockchain Foundation

This training provides a fundamental overview of blockchain,
One of the most disruptive technologies of the twenty-first century.
1-5 February 2023
At Fintech Matcher office on Metaverse
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Course Information

This course is an introduction to the world of blockchain and distributed ledgers. It will cover the basics, look at how the blockchain works, explore Bitcoin and blockchain’s brief and fascinating history and showcase the practical usage of blockchain technology.

The aim of the course is to provide a solid foundation for those looking to gain a deeper understanding and learn how it will affect their business areas. With a firm focus but not entirely limited to the finance industry we will look at use cases that are already in the market and those that will come in the future.
Course Objectives
•Understand the internal mechanisms of a blockchain
•Understand the role of a node in the network
•Know the differences between public, private & hybrid blockchains
•Understand how cryptography, public and private keys, and hashes are used in the blockchain
•Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the different consensus algorithms
•Understand the applications of blockchain in the field of digital identity
•Understand how blockchain technology can be used to protect intellectual property rights
•Understand the basics of Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts
•Understand the building blocks of decentralized finance
Training Description
Known as the "Internet of Transactions", Blockchain is the technology that is revolutionizing the paradigms of the global economic system, radically changing the concepts of transaction, ownership and trust.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are perfectly positioned to become essential technologies of Web3 because they are inherently decentralized, permitting anyone to record information on-chain, tokenize assets, and create digital identities.

The unique design of the blockchain, which ensures the anonymity and security of transactions, makes the use of this technology ideal for any type of situation that requires security, transparency, and collaboration.

It is precisely for this reason that blockchain technology is considered as a radical innovation.
•Introduction to the Blockchain technology; current scenarios and latest
frontiers on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, Dapps, Initial Coin Offering.
•What is Blockchain? History of Blockchain
•Explaining Distributed Ledger Technology
•Types of Blockchain Private/ Consortium/ Permission-less Public/ Permissioned
•What Blockchain has to offer across Industries?

•The Blockchain Protocol and transactions
•Blockchain security: consent and timestamp
•Double spending
•Tokens (the nature of tokens, labeled tokens)
•Blockchain trilemma
•Smart contracts
•Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain foundation
•Initial Coin Offering
•Security Token Offering
•Decentralized Finance
Who it's for
The course is open to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Blockchain technology in a creative and stimulating environment through an extremely practical approach.

Students of Finance, economics, law, and computer science.

There is no better moment than this to understand how this disruptive technology works and how it can be applied to many different fields, including the entrepreneurial one!

Meet Our Experts

Randa Al Rifai
Blockchain and Crypto Expert
Charbel Choueh
Blockchain and Crypto Lawyer
Hilal Houssain
Cryptography Expert

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