Terms of Service

  1. General service
    • the ownership and operation rights of FinTech Matcher are owned by Fintech Matcher LLC.
    • before registering FinTech Matcher, the user shall carefully read this Agreement and agree to abide by this agreement before becoming a registered user. Once the registration is successful, the user and FinTech Matcher will automatically form a protocol relationship, and the user shall be bound by this agreement. When using special services or products, users shall agree to accept relevant agreements before they can use them.
    • this Agreement may be updated by FinTech Matcher at any time, and the user shall promptly pay attention to and agree that FinTech Matcher shall not be liable for notification. The notice, announcement, statement or other similar content of FinTech Matcher is part of this agreement.
  2. Service details
    • detailed contents of FinTech Matcher shall be provided by FinTech Matcher LLC. according to the actual situation.
    • the equipment (such as personal computer, mobile phone, and other devices related to access to the Internet or mobile network) and the required expenses (such as telephone and Internet fees paid for Internet access and mobile phone fees paid for the use of mobile network) shall be borne by the user.
  3. User account
    • users who have completed the registration procedure and passed the identity authentication by the FinTech Matcher registration system will become formal users, and can obtain all the rights that the users should enjoy according to FinTech Matcher; Only some of the membership rights specified by FinTech Matcher are granted without certification. FinTech Matcher has the right to change the member's authority design.
    • users can only register their name according to the registration requirements and ID number. The user is obliged to ensure the security of the password and account. Any loss or damage caused by the user using the password and all activities carried out by the account shall be borne by the user at his own expense, and FinTech Matcher shall not be liable for any liability. If the user finds that the account has been used unauthorized or any other security problems occur, the account password shall be modified immediately and properly kept. If necessary, please inform us. FinTech Matcher shall not be liable for the illegal use of the account due to hacker acts or negligence of the user.
  4. Regulations on use
    • the user shall be fully responsible for the content published, uploaded or transmitted by itself. All users shall not publish, reprint or transmit information containing one of the following contents on any page of FinTech Matcher, otherwise FinTech Matcher shall have the right to handle it without informing the user:
      • Violating the basic principles determined by the constitution;
      • Endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting state power and destroying national unity;
      • Damaging the honor and interests of the state;
      • Incite national hatred or national discrimination and undermine national unity;
      • Destroying the state religious policy and promoting cult and feudal superstition;
      • Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;
      • Spreading obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, terror or abetting crime;
      • Insulting or slandering others and infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others;
      • Instigating illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration or gathering to disturb social order;
      • Activities in the name of illegal civil society organizations;
      • Containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
    • the user undertakes to enjoy complete intellectual property rights to all information published or uploaded to FinTech Matcher (i.e. works under the copyright law of the United State of America , including but not limited to words, pictures, music, movies, performances, audio and video products and computer programs), or have been legally authorized by the relevant obligee; If the user violates the provisions of this article and causes FinTech Matcher to be claimed by a third party, the user shall compensate FinTech Matcher all expenses in full (including but not limited to various compensation fees, litigation agency fees and other reasonable expenses incurred for this purpose);
    • when a third party considers that the information published or uploaded by the user on FinTech Matcher infringes its rights and sends a notice of rights to FinTech Matcher in accordance with the regulations on the protection of the right to information network communication or relevant laws, the user agrees that FinTech Matcher may, in its sole discretion, delete the suspected infringement information, unless the user submits written evidence to exclude the possibility of infringement, FinTech Matcher will not automatically recover the deleted information above;
      • No network service system shall be used for any illegal purpose;
      • Comply with all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to network services;
      • FinTech Matcher shall not be used for any behavior that may have an adverse effect on the normal operation of the Internet;
      • FinTech Matcher shall not be used for any conduct which is not conducive to FinTech Matcher.
    • if the user violates any of the above provisions when using the network service, FinTech Matcher has the right to ask the user to correct or take all necessary measures (including but not limited to the right to delete the posted content of the user, suspend or terminate the user's right to use the network service) to reduce the impact caused by the improper operation of the user.
    • users who violate the regulations can send email to contact@fintechmatcher.com Apply for inquiry of the reasons for the closure and the cancellation of the ban. If the user violates the regulations, FinTech Matcher LLC. has the right to stop the user's "FinTech Matcher" account service according to the "FinTech Matcher" usage regulations, and reserves the right to recover the "FinTech Matcher" account at any time.
  5. Privacy protection
    • FinTech Matcher does not disclose or provide the registration data of a single user to a third party and the non-public content stored in FinTech Matcher when using the network service, except for the following cases:
      • Obtain the user's clear authorization in advance;
      • According to the relevant laws and regulations;
      • According to the requirements of relevant government authorities;
      • In order to protect the interests of the public.
    • how we provide information to the outside world:
      • sharing
        • Business sharing: We promise to keep your information confidential. Unless otherwise specified by laws, regulations and regulatory authorities, we only share your information with third parties in the following cases, including our affiliates, cooperative technical institutions and other partners. If you need to share your information to a third party in order to provide you with services, we will assess the legitimacy, legitimacy and necessity of the third party's collection of information. We will require third parties to take protective measures against your information and strictly comply with relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements. In addition, we will obtain your consent in the form of confirmation agreement, document confirmation under specific scenarios, pop-up prompt, etc. according to laws and regulations and national standards, or confirm that the third party has obtained your consent.
          • Some products or services may be provided by third parties or provided by us and third parties. Therefore, only sharing your information can you provide the products or services you need;
          • If you choose to participate in the lottery, competition or similar promotion activities jointly conducted by us and third parties, we may share with them the necessary information generated in the process of the activity to complete the activities so that the third party can timely issue prizes or provide services to you, and we will comply with the requirements of laws, regulations or national standards, Make clear to you on the activity rules page or through other means what information needs to be provided to third parties;
          • With your explicit consent in advance, we will share your information with third parties according to your authorization scope within the scope permitted by laws and regulations and not contrary to public order and good customs.
        • Other user queries: For the availability of social functions, others can search you by searching your nickname and ID, and see the corresponding nickname, avatar, virtual image and other information of your account, so as to pay attention to, greet and add to you as users.
        • Complaint handling: When you complain about or are complained by others, in order to protect your and other people's legal rights and interests and protect the green social environment, we may provide your name, relevant information, contact information, complaint content, etc. to the relevant departments or regulatory authorities, except those expressly prohibited by laws and regulations.
      • Transfer: We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual, except as follows:
        • Obtain your express consent in advance;
        • According to laws and regulations or compulsory administrative or judicial requirements;
      • public disclosure: In principle, we will not disclose your information except that the winner ID number or nickname name will be desensitized when the winning event list is published. If it is necessary to disclose publicly, we will inform you of the purpose of the disclosure, the type of disclosure information and the sensitive information that may be involved, and obtain your clear consent.
      • entrusted treatment: In order to improve the efficiency of information processing, reduce the cost of information processing, or improve the accuracy of information processing, we may entrust competent affiliated companies or other professional organizations to handle information on behalf of us. We will require the entrusted company to abide by strict confidentiality obligations and take effective confidentiality measures through written agreement, on-site audit, etc., and prohibit it from using the information for unauthorized use. When the entrustment relationship is terminated, the entrusted company will no longer save personal information. We are committed to being responsible for that.
      • according to relevant laws and regulations and national standards, we may share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information without your consent in the following circumstances:
        • Directly related to national security and national defense security;
        • Directly related to public safety, public health and major public interests;
        • Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgment;
        • It is difficult to get your own consent for the purpose of safeguarding your or other personal life, property and other significant legal rights and interests;
        • Personal information that you disclose to the public on your own;
        • Personal information collected from the legally disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.
      • without disclosing the privacy information of a single user, FinTech Matcher has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.
      • for permission description, FinTech Matcher may need to obtain your camera (for video chat, face driven virtual person), microphone (for video chat, video recording), contact person of address book (add invited users quickly), store (record video to save local), geographical location (close users recommended by the system), and The permission such as notification (chat message notification) and your consent will be requested on the first acquisition.
      • the FinTech Matcher operator has the right to review, supervise and process the user's behaviors and information of using FinTech Matcher services, including but not limited to user information (account information, personal information, virtual image, etc.), publishing contents (location, text, picture, audio, video, trademark, patent, publication, etc.), user behavior (building relationship, @ information, comment, private letter, etc.) Participate in topics, activities, marketing information release, report complaints, etc.
  1. Copyright statement
    • the copyright of FinTech Matcher in words, pictures, audio and video shall be owned by FinTech Matcher LLC. or jointly with the author. It shall not be reproduced arbitrarily without the permission of FinTech Matcher.
    • the copyright of the special logo, layout design, arrangement method and other special of FinTech Matcher is owned by FinTech Matcher LLC. and shall not be reproduced or reprinted arbitrarily without the permission of FinTech Matcher.
    • any content of the use of FinTech Matcher shall be marked with the name of the author from FinTech Matcher LLC and the name of the author. If the remuneration is required to be paid according to the law, it shall notify FinTech Matcher and the author and pay the remuneration, and bear all legal liabilities independently.
    • FinTech Matcher has priority over all works for other purposes, including but not limited to websites, electronic magazines, print publishing, etc., but will notify the author before use and pay for contributions according to the standards of the same industry.
    • all contents of FinTech Matcher represent the author's own position and opinion only, and it is not related to FinTech Matcher, and the author shall bear all legal responsibilities.
    • if the content of FinTech Matcher is reprinted maliciously, FinTech Matcher reserves the right to resort to law.
    • trademark information of "FinTech Matcher"“ The graphics, characters or composition, product marks of service names and so on involved in FinTech Matcher are owned by FinTech Matcher LLC. Without the written permission of FinTech Matcher LLC., users shall not display, use and other processing of "FinTech Matcher" logo, trademark in any way, or show others that you have the right to display, use or other actions to deal with the "FinTech Matcher" logo and trademark.
  2. Statement of responsibility
    • the user expressly agrees that the risks and all consequences of using FinTech Matcher network service will be borne by the user himself, and FinTech Matcher shall not be liable for it.
    • FinTech Matcher cannot guarantee that the network service can meet the requirements of users, nor guarantee the timeliness, security and accuracy of network services.
    • FinTech Matcher does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the external links set for the convenience of users. Meanwhile, FinTech Matcher shall not be responsible for the contents on any web page that is not actually controlled by FinTech Matcher.
    • FinTech Matcher shall not be liable for any interruption or other defects of network services caused by force majeure or reasons beyond the control of FinTech Matcher, but shall try its best to reduce the losses and effects caused to users.
    • FinTech Matcher shall not be liable for the quality defects of the following products or services provided by the station to the users and any losses caused by them:
      • FinTech Matcher provides free network services to users;
      • Any product or service FinTech Matcher offers to users.
    • FinTech Matcher shall have the right to modify or terminate the service (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time, and FinTech Matcher shall not be liable to the user and any third party, whether notified or not.
  3. Supplementary Provisions
    • the law of the United State of America shall apply to the conclusion, implementation, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement.
    • if any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the rest of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.
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