Cash Algo Trading Challenge 2023
May 30, 2023
Hong Kong

Welcome to CASH Algo Trading Challenge 2023.

Ideate your trading algorithms, test on a robust back-testing platform, and compete to make a name for yourself! Gain professional industry knowledge and practical skills to prepare yourself as the next-gen algo-trading professional.

This Challenge is open to public. Create teams of 1~4 members with diverse skills (maths, statistics, finance, coding, presentation) and register by 22 May 2023.

1st Round: Ideate

Registered teams of 1-4 members will prepare a ppt less than 15 slides consisting of:

  • Executive summary
  • Trading idea description
  • Trading logic
  • Team biography
  • Implementation detail

Coding is not required in this round

Submission deadline: 29 May 2023
Result announced: 31 May 2023

2nd Round: Test

Teams will code their trading algorithm and test on our back-testing engine, then submit the code

Judges will backtest trading algorithms for return, volatility, robustness and practicality to select advancing teams

Submission deadline: 28 Jun 2023
Result announced: 30 Jun 2023

Final Round: Compete

Each team needs to compete in out-sample forward test and live paper trading

Live paper trading will last for 2 months from 1-Jul-2023 to 31-Aug-2023

Teams will present trading plan to judges in a 5-minute pitch session in Finale

Judges will select winners in each of these categories:

  • Best Return
  • Best Sharpe
  • Best Strategy Design

Final Day: 10 Sep 2023

Event Starts:
May 30, 2023
Event Ends:
Event Venue:
Hong Kong
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