Arab EmTech Conference
Nov 16, 2022
Dubai, Emirates


3 days Hybrid conference that focuses on gathering technology business leaders, Startup industry experts, and academic leaders, shaping the future of EmTech & startups in MENA region. The conference facilitates a unique and elaborate learning experience for key stakeholders in Emerging Technology domains. Participants maximize opportunities for partnering while engaging with global thought leaders at the conference.


To meet customers, startups, innovators, scientists, investors, and tech executives at the heart of the next technology revolution across MENA regions. Throughout continuous days of networking and learning, you will get inspired by more than 100+ speakers while getting insights from many customers' use cases in different Emerging Technology domains in the MENA region.

Event Starts:
Nov 16, 2022
Event Ends:
Nov 18, 2022
Event Venue:
Dubai, Emirates
+1 585 282 66 29
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